Instructor Danielle Etzler
GSD — 2013
An urban contract, a game of codes. This study is the second in a two-part studio dedicated to understanding the impact of building codes on the built environment. During the first half, a team developed a narrative and wrote a set of building codes based on the idea of keeping portions of the city hidden from view and memory. This code inverts the city, pushing the street front to the back, the exterior to the deep interior.

With Lily Wubeshet, based on code written by See Jia Ho, Drew Seyl, Amy Atzmon, and Christina Yang.

Section; Residential block

Model photos; industrial, commercial, and residential blocks
The study shown here represents the second half of the investigation, attempting architectural invention by way of subverting the codes. We can use technicalities to reveal the once hidden fronts, but this undoing results in a fundamentally altered city, one which is experienced not as a grid of roads and sidewalks but as a field of exposed interiors.

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