Responsive Environments
Instructor Allen Sayegh
GSD — 2014

A cloud of mirrors above the site in Guangzhou changes with the movement of pedestrians below, giving life to the space. From below, these mirrors showcase different parts of the city, including the very river that the island sits on but does not engage with. From far away, the reflections catch the eyes of city dwellers, instigating intrigue, drawing them to the site or potentially just inspiring them from afar, content with the knowledge of the city’s vitality.

The proposal is flexible. During the day, it does one thing, at night, another. Light reflects off the mirrors in programmed patterns, creating spaces for socializing and collective activities. On foggy nights, the light reflects off the dense air creating a cloud of light over the island. During events, the mirrors can collect and reflect the performance below to a whole new audience, potentially to picnickers on the lawn or even to boats on the river, giving the island and the city a new connection to the river that is at the core of its identity.

With Sun Koh and Kyeo Re Lee.

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